About us

Custom work in process engineering

Your production never stops, process engineering doesn’t either. The improvement of line-performance, product properties or problem-solving can be a complex challenge. Select Boelsma Project Management & Engineering for an upgrade, expansion, pilot plant, new process line or any challenge. We combine technical ingenuity with a realistic vision, the right expertise, and powerful executive power for all facets of the project.

  • Integral approach from design to construction
  • To the point
  • Specific knowledge and understanding of matter and organization
  • Sharp focus on your goals and total cost of ownership

Well thought about, strong substantiated

What do you really need? Coming to the core starts with a critical mind, thinking over and thinking through the consequences. From all perspectives. Such as your business goals, market and people up to the right technology. This way we put the basis for a sound and solid solution. Despite common believe, taking the time to think about all aspects doesn’t slow down progress. An approach that is solid as a rock causes more progression.

Realization power in the entire process

Without the power of realization, the most brilliant plan is only a plan. Boelsma Project Management & Engineering is accustomed to deliver concrete solutions that will have the support of all facets of the company. We make powerful connections between all the components of the project, ranging from installing and optimizing to automation. All with the continuous vision on your total cost of ownership.

Fully brand and product independent

Who wants to develop a perfectly fitting solution, must be free of commercial interests and motives of other parties. That’s why we work completely independent of brands and suppliers. We choose only the engineering, components and installations that guarantee the best price/performance balance. A high-quality, extensive network of suppliers and relationships makes us extremely flexible when making choices.

  • Clear and an informed choices
  • We create support across the board
  • We always take the responsibility
  • People are Central

Quality and certification

The solutions from Boelsma Project management & Engineering are developed, produced and installed according to the stringent rules for quality and safety.

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